Preconstruction Services – Insures a smooth transition from design to construction. KATTARA Construction embraces the client-contractor team approach to collaborate with the design team and the specialized subcontracting market as well as our experienced staff to assist in a completed design package that holds no surprises to the client. We will identify any site conditions or constraints. Kattara will prepare a realistic schedule that acknowledges phasing requirements and allows flexibility for Owner designated services & vendors.

Construction Services

SITE LOGISTICS – Determine the best logistics plan for each project to maximize efficiency during construction with minimal impact on neighboring properties and any existing businesses.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT- Our professional team of experienced project managers are vested in your project from preconstruction services thru project closeout. They oversee the superintendents, subcontractors, material suppliers, as well as enforce workplace safety and ensure quality control. The Project Managers are in constant communication with the client, design team and the progression of work with subcontractors.

INSPECTIONS – Are an important component of all construction projects. KATTARA’s familiarity with building codes means inspections are scheduled and implemented with no issues.

SAFETY – KATTARA is a Safety-First company that enforces all OSHA and any additional insurance company requirements.

CLOSEOUT – Our team will turn over each project with the work completed all subcontractors off the site and any punch list work under way or completed. All training with your team will have taken place and a closeout document package will be presented. We pride ourselves with KATTARA’s exceed expectations closeout process.

Design Build – KATTARA has multiple design firms that we have collaborated with in the past to provide KATTARA’s “one stop shop” design build team. A design build approach can lead to a shorter project duration as well as a capped cost. Our relationship with multiple design firms allows us to select the firm that has the design sweet spot tailored to the client’s specific requirements.

LEED Consulting – KATTARA has a LEED Professional on staff to assist with incorporating sustainable materials & processes into your project which is important for both the long-term use of the finished project and also cuts down on waste during the construction process. We also have the ability to assess a project to determine a projects LEED certification viability as well as recommend consultants to guide you thru the process if LEED Certification is desired.